The Human License - Software for People
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The Human License

Software for People

THL is a license for creators who want to share their work with other humans, but would like to be asked before their work is used by non-human entities such as companies, corporations, churches, cults, militias or any other type organization or group. In addition, it explicitly forbids the use of the work to harm humans as well as excluding use of the work to build or train inhuman entities (AI, machine learning, etc.).

The license also makes explicit that the work can be used for these purposes if an explicit licensing agreement is made between the creator and the consumer. I believe this is the case for any license, but I wanted to make it clear that THL doesn't constrain the use of the work, but it puts that choice explicitly in the creators hands.

Draft Status

This license is currently in draft status and should not be considered stable. The file LICENSE.txt will always contain the most recent version of THL, but when linking to this repository it is recommended to reference an explicit version to ensure the there are no surprises as the license evolves.


Copy the version of the license you wish to use into your project, rename the file LICENSE.txt and add your copyright information. Use the abbreviation thl-draft where necessary to describe your choice of license.


You are free to modify the terms of the license so long as the name is modified as well.

If you would like to make your changes part of THL, fork this repository and issue a pull request.

Who is behind this?

Just one human (Jason J. Gullickson).