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#OffGRiD# A writer-oriented computer inspired by the GRiD Compass.

##Status## The design is a work-in-progress. I'm currently working on designing the 3D printable parts around a set of components that constitute the "reference design".

Complete render


I'm designing OffGRiD because I haven't been able to find a laptop that works well where I like to work, and has the features that are key to me as a programmer and writer. These include a great keyboard, an indoor/outdoor-readable screen and the ability to work away from mains power for extended periods of time.

The reference design for OffGRiD is based around an inexpensive single-board computer (SBC), a Pixel Qi display and a custom Cherry-MX switch keyboard and a solar panel for extended off-grid use. The design however is inteded to accomodate alternative off-the-shelf components allowing for various and previously impossible configurations.

##Design Imperitives##

  • Durability
  • Indoor/outdoor usable
  • Field-servicable
  • Great keyboard
  • Low power/long battery life
  • Off-the shelf electronics
  • 3D printable custom components
  • 3D parts 100x100x100mm or less (to print well on most 3D printers)